Karate is a system of self-defence that has developed over many years. It contains elements of fitness and keeping a healthy body. Students regularly exercise heart, muscles, and bones for a stronger body and improved mental health. Karate is an excellent way to promote overall health and is an excellent activity for personal development and fitness for all, from children to adults to the elderly. Natural strength and size are not primary considerations for participation.

While making new friends, getting into shape, and learning self-defence in our dojo’s non-competitive & Christian atmosphere, students (especially children and youth) will gain confidence and the tools for countering the temptations of peer pressure. All classes begin and end with respect and courtesy.

​"Heiwa" is Japanese for "peace." The way of Karate leads to self-discipline, endurance, perseverance, commitment, patience and hard work resulting in an equilibrium which is what helps maintain peace, productivity and courtesy in our society.

The guiding principles of karate-do emphasized in the dojo are:
• Seek perfection of character!
• Be faithful!
• Endeavor to excel!
• Respect others!
• Refrain from violent behaviour!