Participant Information

Training is open for people of all ages starting at 5 years of age.  Classes will include warm ups, games (for young and old), fitness drills, karate stances, techniques, kata (routines) and other training. Parents & relatives are welcome to observe all training. While a gi & obi (uniform & belt) is expected for all registered participants, new participants can wear sweatpants & t-shirt for their first training. Socks/shoes are not permitted to be worn during training unless for medical reasons. Students are welcome to attend as many classes as possible per week.

Locations & Training Times (please see calendar for updated training schedule)

Training Fees

Please contact us for more information. Basic costs include $30 monthly tuition, grading $30 children and $40 adult, uniform set ($55 light weight & $105 heavy weight including association crest).
​Tuition fees and other payments can be made by cash/cheque. Cheques are payable to "Heiwa Karate Do" - Please contact Sensei Deo for Direct Transfer Information

Mondays at NKMB Church
All Ages Training: 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Youth Adult Training: 7:30pm - 8pm

Fridays via Zoom
All Ages Training: 6:30pm-7:30pm​​​​​
Zoom link will be emailed to all participants​

Mondays at NKMB Church
1315 Gateway Road, Winnipeg, MB​, Door #6